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Extra services


I think a lot off us are pretty active online. Don't you want to miss it on your vacation? You can use the wi-Fi here.

Unlimited free to use but the quality and range can vary.

Bed linnen

You can borrow bed linnen from us and we will make sure your bed is ready for you when you arrive so you can dive in whenever you want to.

70 SEK per bed

Washing machine and dryer

Do you need to clean or dry some clothes? You can use the washing machine or dryer.

40 SEK per load

Sport facility

Do you like to not only relax but also sport a little for variation? You can use our little fitness facility which consist out of:

  • Home gym
  • Rowing machine
  • Weights

Unlimited free for use.


Enjoy the relaxing warmth of the sauna to fully recharge your body again.

200 SEK per 2 hours